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De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared John Tesh's photo.

thas cool

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Meet Bob Blackley....
His birthday is a good day for his neighbors in Winston-Salem, NC!
Because every year on his birthday, for the last 3 years, Bob has stood on a street corner handing out money to strangers.
The first year, it was $700, then $750, and now $800. That's a $5 bill for 160 people.
Last Thursday, Bob was at the corner of Silas Creek and Peters Creek Parkways with a cardboard sign that read, "I have a job. I have a home. Could you use an extra $5?"
Bob doesn't care who the people are, or what they plan to do with the money.
He says, "Anything they want, if it puts a smile on their face, it's theirs."

By: John Tesh

De Vie Weinstock
Facebook Icon14 September 2014 at 10:00 pm

Yes let's keep the internet what it's meant to be - an amazing new way to connect and share information even if you are not a gazillionaire! ...From what i understand, defending Net Neutrality means not having website speeds hijacked by corporations trying to make MORE money - slowing down non-commercial sites that aren't able to pay more. i imagine that could mean YOUR personal website slowed down to a crawl, OR websites you want to access for helpful information that are not money-grubbing that aren't able to pay for faster times get slowed down to a crawl. So send out your intentions for a free fast-flowing internet and if you want you can sign this too, to lawmakers:

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This is why your Internet is slow. And it’ll get worse. Unless you take 1 min to do this, now.


You’re our only hope.

De Vie Weinstock
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Some folks in California already experiencing wells dry and no water: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/not-one-drop-how-long-will-california-survive-life-without-n195976

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Not One Drop: How Long Will California Survive Life Without Water? - NBC News


TULARE COUNTY, Calif.—The old man knew of the $500-a-day fine for people caught wasting water. He heard the plea for conservation from Governor Jerry Brown. ...

De Vie Weinstock
11 September 2014 at 9:33 am

compassion compassion compassion compassion... starting with yourself.

De Vie Weinstock
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the noosphere wars.

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Russian Hackers Release 5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Online


About 5 million Google accounts and their passwords, mostly of Russia-based users, are suspected to have been leaked online. The details of names and passwords could provide access not only to Gmail but also to other Google services as well.

De Vie Weinstock
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Sally writes - "I can't say enough wonderful things about my Dare to Be Present sessions with de Vie. She has become a gift in my life as friend/spiritual guide and reminds me how important and miraculous life really is."

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Dare to Be Present - sessions with de Vie


Your own Consciousness transforms yourself & the world. Dare to Be Present supports your complete awakening to The Love You Are in The Here-Now. This is it!

De Vie Weinstock
5 September 2014 at 10:25 am

"The Great Yoga - that is to drink, to eat, to touch, to see, to walk, to sleep, to urinate, to defecate, to listen, to remain silent, to speak, to dream, to love, to sit, to cross the street, to get on a bus, to travel through town and country, sights and sounds, beauty and ugliness without ever being separated from the divine, which is in the self. No type of yoga is better than that which isn't afraid of immersion in reality. Outside of reality, there is not a single trace of the absolute." Lalita Devi via Daniel Odier

De Vie Weinstock
2 September 2014 at 11:15 pm

Everything Is Consciousness

De Vie Weinstock
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Word of the day.
Pronounced, interestingly enough, "No-Us-Fear."



De Vie Weinstock
Facebook Icon29 August 2014 at 3:38 pm

What is right now?
Right now is the most important moment of your life.

Why? Because it is the only one you actually have.
It is the only one that is actually real.
This moment right now. This one.
This moment is the only reality there is.

Dare to Be Present™ is both exactly what it says – dare to be here now – and it is also a service provided to you, serving your ability to be in the eternal now in all of your life; serving your ability to be with your self – your self that always shows up, your self that is unavoidable; serving your ability to own the Consciousness that is your truest self. In presence, Dare to Be Present sessions support you to know yourself, to be at peace with yourself, to be able to live fully in the eternal now – the only reality there is.

Service Offering pages now up: http://www.DareToBePresent.com/Service

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Dare to Be Present Service, with de Vie


Overview of the essence of the Dare to Be Present service, and Examples of some of the conditions & benefits in your life that can be addressed or provided.

De Vie Weinstock
23 August 2014 at 11:51 pm

The nature of the Mind is that it can codify anything. This is its gift and also its trap.
It can codify enlightenment, it can codify love, light & bliss, it can even codify being & presence.
It puts a label on everything. It organizes it. It says it knows it. This is its gift and its trap.
The trap is that people get hopelessly lost in it and think the label IS the thing. But the label is NEVER the thing.
We must shake free from that falsehood. Those who are involved with new-age beliefs, the yoga movement, spiritual practices, and other forms meant to imply "waking up" need be especially wary of how the Mind can codify ANYTHING and that even all of those can be yet another trap, constraining belief system, or dogma keeping One away from the Truth, hooked into yet another mental matrix divorced from the freshness of ever-present reality.
The Truth is always present, stark naked, rigorously honest, and completely free.
There is no entry point. The only entry point is whatever Your Mind needs to recognize it is not itself. For You Are Consciousness.

Dare to Be Present.
In Ojai this Wednesday 6-7pm ( https://www.facebook.com/events/1482211332035497/ ) and everywhere in the world via private sessions ( http://www.DareToBePresent.com ).

In relentless devotion to the brilliant truth that is always now,
de Vie

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared Music for Deep Meditation's photo.

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LOL, the "Buddha Patch"!

By: Music for Deep Meditation

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared 350.org's photo.

clean energy please

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According to new analysis by Californians Against Fracking, the California oil & gas industry uses over 2 million gallons per day on activities like fracking, acidizing, and cyclic steam injection. Read more here: http://go.350.org/Y5XxHG

Unlike many other water uses -- say, farming for instance -- fracking permanently pollutes water and effectively removes it from the water cycle.

What was that about a drought?

Photo: Brooke Anderson Photography: Stills of Our Stories & Struggles

By: 350.org

De Vie Weinstock
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You ARE connected to All-That-Is.
This is evidenced by the simple fact of your breathing which is so very intimately connected with all the Life of the Earth.
It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that we cultivate peace with oneself.
Each person who cultivates peace with himself is taking us, collectively, farther away from the armageddon that nuclear weapons (for one instance) threaten.
We cannot leave the matter of Vital Peace to a faulty system of corruptible leadership with extremely questionable infrastructure.
We must begin - or continue - right now, cultivating peace with oneself, both for the sake of inner sanity and for the sake of all of Life on Earth.

~ de Vie
/ Dare to Be Present℠ sessions: http://www.DareToBePresent.com /

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Nuclear weapons are incompatible with the U.S. constitution and democracy | Harvard Magazine...


“Out of ratio” weapons are essentially ungovernable.

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared Walter Kalwies's photo.

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By: Walter Kalwies

De Vie Weinstock
18 August 2014 at 2:53 pm

The only Answer is to Love.

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared a link.

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Definition of Consciousness - Dare to Be Present - with de Vie


The definition of "consciousness" and "conscious" as found in the voluminous dictionary at the Krishnamurti Library. ... Dare to Be Present

De Vie Weinstock
13 August 2014 at 10:56 pm

The Infinite Present is holding you infinitely.
It cannot stop holding you.
It is always holding you.

I do not know why the world is as it is.
I do not know why human suffering is pervasive.
I do not know why this culture is lost in the mind,
Disregarding the body, and alienated from the heart.
I would like to know why, but I don’t.

The Love is always holding you.
It is holding you when you don’t feel it.
It is holding you when you are tired of it all.
It is holding you when you’ve had enough.
It is even holding you when you don’t see a way out.

The reason it is a /dare/ to be present is because
So much of what we’re in is insisting that we /not/ be present.
Even so much of the new-age movement is still in that insistence
To move away from the open mystery of what is.
And yet The Present always insists more strongly.
Insists that you notice it, and enter into it, and return to it.

I dare you to be present.
Because anything that is real is in The Now.
Any possibility of transformation is in The Now.
Any possibility of peace with oneself is in The Now.

If you are present, sooner or later you will confront yourself.
You will confront anything about yourself you are not comfortable with.
That is okay. The wholeness of The Now supports that.

And there will always be This Love holding you.
The Love that is the mystery of life.
The Love that is the mystery of consciousness.
The Love that never stops loving you.
The Endless Love that sometimes has no name or face,
Yet nonetheless remains, remains, remains.

~ de Vie

/ Dare to Be Present sessions: http://www.DareToBePresent.com /

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared Walter Kalwies's photo.

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By: Walter Kalwies

De Vie Weinstock
12 August 2014 at 9:21 pm

the shadow instrument

De Vie Weinstock
12 August 2014 at 7:04 pm

beginner's mind is pure mind
are you willing to release all of your chains and not pick up new ones?
to walk with empty hands because empty hands can
feel, hold, release, dance, express.
the chains are mental chains
freedom is possible
freedom is love
devotion to that which does not die
is freedom

de Vie

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared Green Renaissance's photo.

Passion... flowers.

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Beautiful passionfruit flowers. — with Mercedes Rodríguez and 43 others.

By: Green Renaissance

De Vie Weinstock
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De Vie Weinstock shared Bernhard Guenther's photo.

....so one may wish to re-write those core beliefs.......

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Cognitive Dissonance

By: Bernhard Guenther

De Vie Weinstock
6 August 2014 at 8:52 am


De Vie Weinstock
5 August 2014 at 9:23 pm

when you've had enough of fantasy,
you can dare to be here now.
when you've had enough of pretend,
you can embrace what is.
when you've had enough of false pretense,
you can allow yourself to be as you are.
when you've had enough of the endless rat race,
you can come back home to the love that never dies.
when you can't stand to be fake anymore,
you can let yourself be, breathe, feel, release...
to Dare to Be Present
looks like nothing and yet it is everything.
there may not be support around you for that.
we are in a world that has somehow alienated itself
from the Presence that Nature gives,
the Presence the animals are always in,
the Presence that children have not lost yet.
to Dare to Be Present is not a promise of nirvana,
although Presence is certainly where nirvana lives.
to Dare to Be Present is not a promise of everlasting bliss,
although, if there is such a thing, it surely belongs to The Eternal Now.
to Dare to Be Present is to dare to be real.
I am here to support you in this.
Why? Because it is who I am, and because
There is nothing more meaningful I can find to offer You.

~ de Vie


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