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Music videos playlist (from de Vie’s youtube channel):




The World is Sleeping

© 2012 Broken Trick Music (ASCAP). Raw home-recording. Most of the mix by Daniel Buckley; conceived at Mat Bevel Institute. Lyrics available at soundcloud page.


I Belong to The One

© 2011 Broken Trick Music (ASCAP) / Original lyrics, music, and home-recording by de Vie. / / Lyrics: … I belong to The One — The One. / I belong to The Light — The Light. / I belong to The Truth — The Truth. / / Who Are You? / / I remain in gratitude for the Love you’ve given me.


Show Me the Way


de Vie’s last official CD, You Are a Dream demos, was released in December 2006, and now is available from de Vie directly; or CDBaby.com/CD/deVie2. It was produced by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab Studio, and he also plays various accompaniment on the CD.

Her previous CD, horse on the shore demos (of an avant-garde nature), was recorded & released in November 2005 and is also available directly from de Vie or at CDBaby.

de Vie also created a CD for her Harvard electronic music senior thesis. Some of the text from the book part of the thesis is available here.

Since 2006, de Vie has made many home-recordings of new songs, some of which can be heard in the soundcloud player above.


Professor Marriah Star interviewed de Vie for three hours on his “What Is Wisdom?” March 4th 2012 show. Includes fans calling in; improvised a capella songs; and song & poem recordings. You can hear it in its entirety, including the third hour which wasn’t aired live, as a podcast at blogtalkradio.com/MarriahStar/2012/03/05/What-Is-Wisdom-1

Go here for praise for de Vie’s music.

Some musical influences: Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden); PJ Harvey; Nine Inch Nails; John Cage; and Ivan Tcherepnin (Harvard mentor, thesis advisor, & thesis inspiration) . . .

Gallery of compelling music posters Scott Kerr assembled for some of de Vie’s live performances in Tucson in years past:



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