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de Vie – born “Fleur de Vie Weinstock” – grew up in the boonies of Hawaii, homeschooled with her brother Rainbow until 7th grade. (“Fleur de Vie Weinstock” means “flower of life living near a large & unusual vine.”) Her creative & academic efforts led her to Harvard University where she received a summa cum laude (highest honors) award for her experimental music senior thesis upon graduation.

After graduating from Harvard, de Vie continued her worldly education through various jobs, as well as pouring much of her effort into creative output in many forms, including art, poetry & writing, and music. In compassion, she has also worked with many people providing the services of healing & transformation possible through Emerald Alchemy – which is essentially creativity applied to consciousness and the life of the self.

Though her external skills training has been primarily in music and writing, her intuitive & personal art has been well-received. Her poetry and writing has been published in various mediums. More regarding her music is at: de Vie’s music bio

de Vie has been in a state of constant meditation on the breath since her 18th birthday. This extremely unique position of consciousness and total mastery of meditation has taught her much about reality, self, & life that the highest echelons of academic education at Harvard could not touch. This has, at last, led to the flowering of de Vie’s dharma (most essential gift to the world): Dare to Be Present. More about the vital Dare to Be Present® service is at: DareToBePresent.com .

September 2014

…de Vie’s music bio has a more detailed storyline of aspects of her musical history…
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