{ Emerald Alchemy }

‘Emerald Alchemy’ is my name for the Life Transformation process work I do and offer. Emerald Alchemy is the art of conscious evolutionary living. It is active participation in the intrinsically changing nature of one’s Life.

It can include any of the following modalities, specifically & intuitively tailored for you:

DARE TO BE PRESENT — Your own Consciousness transforms yourself and the world. Conscious Presence is always inviting you in. In our meeting in the compassionate space of conscious presence, I bear witness to your own unfolding as The Vital Love that is Your True Being. From my own awakeness, I can support you through whatever may arise that appears in the path of your own Full Awakeness Now. Let us meet to empower your consciousness.

Meditation — basic meditation on the breath; visualization; feelingization; inner mind’s eye exploration of the body; chakra meditations; customized methods; general, personal, & specific guidance.

Shadow Work — Shadow work is essential. It is essential for authentic health, it is essential for wholeness, it is essential for the dream of realizing world peace. Shadow work – when done well – is a loving process of honoring the phenomenal vitality of the personal shadow-side so that it can be your ally instead of your enemy. There is tremendous energy & empowerment unlocked in befriending the personal shadow instead of keeping it buried in denial and avoidance.

Embodiment — I am passionate about the principle of embodiment for our culture at this time. I can help you to live in your body and to be at your peace with your body, including in the realms of releasing debilitating body image; nourishment; conscious movement; spirituality in the body; and body awareness.

Sound Healing — I offer Sound Healing for total well-being, wholeness, invigoration, and energetic liberation. Tapping into the alchemical resonance of your very own voice to move energy in your system, for purposes of healing, integration, creativity, and expansion. Other Sound Healing forms also available, including with acoustic piano, my voice, and/or the ancient mbira instrument.

Card Readings — with the Osho Zen Tarot and The Goddess Oracle.

Creativity — we have all been given the gift of Creativity simply through being given Life, which is intrinsically creative. I can help you tap into your innate creativity and direct it in whichever direction you choose, no matter how “uncreative” that direction might appear on the outside.

Affirmations — customized affirmations created to address whatever life condition – whether in body, heart, mind, or soul – that you are wanting to change or consciously participate in. Also, simple, fun methods for how to use the Affirmations.

Reiki — I’ve been attuned in the energetic stream of Essene Reiki. I also offer long-distance Reiki.

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On this path of consciousness, on this path of life, we have the unique ability to play our hand at co-creation. Our minds have profound potential to influence our reality. Navigating the emotions, cultivating the stillness of the inner witness, embracing wholeness… Emerald Alchemy is available to assist you on this fascinating journey. Emerald Alchemy can help you with your life transformation process – that is, the fact of being consciously alive – in-person, over the phone, or via online video chat. Leave a voicemail at (520) 955-9222 to get in touch. Available in exchange for currency or mutually agreeable trade.

An essay on nada yoga I wrote in 2010: The Inner Music of Yoga

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