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de Vie has played music intensively since age 7 when she first began classical piano. This led to serious study with several esteemed concert pianists before and during attendance at Harvard, where de Vie practiced piano 7 hours/day in the midst of a saturated college life. At Harvard she also branched out from classical and delved into improvisation and avant-garde composition & performance, forming and leading a successful experimental group called Project4NewMusic. (Accepted into Harvard’s Five Year Performance Program, she nonetheless graduated in 4 years with her Advanced Standing status.) de Vie was awarded Summa Cum Laude for her senior thesis: an unorthodox multi-media project that was also Harvard’s first undergraduate electronic music thesis. Upon graduation, with a high honors Music degree and 15 years of classical training under her belt, de Vie intentionally left behind formal training to teach herself to sing, honoring an elusive essential quality sometimes lost in instruction. Working diligently over the years on her contemporary voice and songwriting, she has been featured on NPR’s Tucson affiliate and live at venues such as The Hotel Arizona, where she had a performance residency. In 2006 de Vie created her You Are A Dream CD, produced by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab Studio.

With her original and emotive songs, de Vie now presents a blend of vocal raw vitality, pianistic technical skill and refreshingly direct songwriting that frequently moves her audience to grateful tears and rejoicing. Intent on truth and emotional integrity, de Vie’s songs insist on “getting to the heart of the matter” in a transformative no-nonsense way.

de Vie has performed or collaborated with artists, groups, and organizations such as Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Bob Moog, Alvin Lucier, Tatsuya Nakatani, The Harvard Advocate, Craig Schumacher, Libby Weintraub, Jordan Hill, Harvard-Radcliffe Contemporary Music Ensemble (HRCME), Kyle Lapidus, The Haters, Sean Rogers, Chris Black, Vicki Brown, Alice Liu, Scott Kerr, Naka Schild Wein Trio, Ron Rosenman, Chie Ozawa, Maggie Whiteside, and Craig Schildhauer. Some of the teachers de Vie has studied with include Ivan Tcherepnin (Harvard mentor & thesis advisor), Stephen Drury (concert pianist at New England Conservatory), Bernard Rands (composer), and Ellen Masaki (classical piano).

de Vie’s music has been aired on such stations as KXCI, NPR affiliate KUAZ, KKCR, and KPUP. For KXCI, she has performed live on Cathy Rivers’ Homestretch, Global Rhythms Radio, and Tempest Broog. de Vie has performed at such events as Other Voices, CyberArts Festival, Tucson Folk Festival, American Festival of Microtonal Music, 2nd Saturdays Downtown, IGNITE Tucson, Passing Show, La Superette, Arts First, Toneburst, Big Kahuna Bash, Rincon Church Fair Trade Fair, Artisans Farm, and Shinzen Young’s Mindfulness Meditation Retreat.

de Vie has performed in places such as Hawaii, Cambridge, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Patagonia, and Tucson; in venues such as the Knitting Factory (NYC), Harvard University, Solar Culture, The Hotel Arizona, NYU’s Loewe Theatre, MassArt, the Fogg Museum, The Middle East club, Ala Moana Center, Zeitgeist Gallery, UH Manoa, Cady Hall, Tucson Musem of Art, Mat Bevel Institute (Residency), El Ojito Springs Gallery, Preen, Thayer Piano, Center for Creative Chaos, The Red Room, Raices Taller Gallery, The Living Room, Tooley’s Cafe, Cafe Passe, Dinnerware Artspace, Caffe Coco (Kauai), Cafe a la C’Art, Cafe 54, Cafe Paraiso, Epic Cafe, Gathering Grounds, Sky Bar, Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Tucson Jewish Community Center, Shot in the Dark Cafe, Holdread Studio, Antigone Books, Tucson Yoga, Cochise Stronghold and other wilderness (for NOLS students), as well as numerous street busking sites, farmers’ markets, and spontaneous anywheres.

de Vie’s online music can be heard at deVieMusic.com/Music
2006 You Are A Dream CD is available by contacting de Vie directly, or through cdbaby.com/CD/deVie2.