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  1. The Mystery is more not less…

    […] – some of my Harvard Senior Thesis. […]

  2. de Vie

    Thank you Lisa. In terms of understanding the thesis: first of all, it’s not all of it; second, a lot of it is technical with regards to the electronic music process; and third, a lot of it is avant-garde with regards to the creative approach. So, no worries.
    Be well,
    ~ de Vie

  3. Lisa Brown

    de Vie-
    You are amazing. I would love to understand more of it. The first time through, I probably understood maybe 20%. Maybe that’s the point?
    I haven’t been facebooking for a long time, but do really enjoy your thoughts and poems. The Universe needs more people like you. Joseph Campbell says that we really understand our myths and our present day world through the interpretations of our artists and poets. That’s a huge burden for you, but it seems that you are up to it. Many blessings as you continue to keep being you.
    Lisa Brown