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“Powerful voice. . . . I love your raw passion and honest expression; thanks for being open and letting others read and listen to your work.”
– Joseph David Couch

“Fleur de Vie, as we’ve heard on that rad interview, continues to do her awesome thing.”
– Saadi Soudavar

“You remind me of the early Sufi mystic Rabia.”
– Jeffrey Brooks

“You have the creative gene, that’s for sure.”
– Scooter Weintraub

“I appreciate your art and music, and I think you have a powerful connection with the devas and nature spirits.”
– John Phillips

“de Vie is a supremely succulent songstress. She is passionate and phenomenal, deeply connected to her senses, especially sound. Her creativity flows like a strong and constant river, delighting all along its shores and those lucky enough to be on the path with her. de Vie’s intelligence manifests in her abilities to be in the moment and to vocalize and transform what is most alive in a situation into what might be possible in the future.”
– Jodi Gross

“Angel writer/singer/poet/artist woman especial – de Vie – you so speak to me… honestly you touch my soul. I love your words and wisdom. Please know the sweetness you bring me with your beautiful words… the muse poem in the paper was lovely… brilliant actually. You are so beautiful and talented; thank you.”
– Andrea Kurfirst

“de Vie, you are an amazing poet, seer, and healer! And an inspiring artist.”
– Jahnation Freedman

“You are a great master of the empty space..… the nothingness… the dark..… you bring meaning to it and wisdom. Thank you for showing me how to see it in another way, another light.”
– Sean Lynch

“Can I encourage you to write a book? You are too creative and awake not to.”
– Kayse Starshine

“de Vie, I’m impressed with how clearly you have delineated a personal style (something that often takes years) in terms of the musical relationship of voice and piano. And I’m thinking about your poem on ‘a poet of resistance’ and the cicada: ‘to take this risk, / the risk of voice, / the risk of one’s voice that is not / another’s voice, / the risk of voicing the individual / (undivided)’… This is what YOU do in your poetry and your music. And what else can we do? The rest is silence.”
Ellen T. Harris 

 “Thank you for doing your passion. You have always been an inspiration to me. You are so with it.”
– Carol Pessin

“I’ll tell my grandchildren about you.”
– Wayne Sumstine

“Thank you for continuing to share your art… your thoughts, poems and music… I hope to someday hear you perform live.”
– David Carroll

“What an artist you are! Where does it come from, do you suppose? How does it happen? Very mysterious.”
– Arthur Transue

“I love your creative energy.”
– Caroline

“de Vie is inspirational and uniquely gifted.”
– Aspen Green

“You are sooooooooo amazing. I love that you are so talented and that I get to witness it.”
– Lisa Brown

“I love the drawing and the poem. It is so beautiful and so mythical.”
– Carol Soth

“thank u for bringing your personal culture to the community…i appreciate your intentions and skills and will pay this forward… …it’s your presence in the community with your artistic gifts…singing…playing music…poetry…and sharing it thru the venues you have used…one of my favorites was when u wrote on the shopping bags at the co-op…”
– Michael Vey

“You are a goddess of the cosmos, your influence inspires all”
– Feather

“You are brilliant!!!”
– Charlotte Cannan

______ Art

“Beautiful and mysterious.”
– Eric Evans

“I really like your drawings. They make me think of controlled chaos, kind of a visual expression of slight imperfection. Nice.”
– Brad Poole

“AMAZING de Vie!!!!!!! Simply stunning.”
– Libby Weintraub

“Beautiful art. I love the line drawings”
– Sheila Shea

A de Vie Masterpiece! Awesome!”
– Walber Pinto

“Your work is beautiful de Vie!”
– Michael Paluda

“Really lovely!”
– Taza Guthrie

– Brandi Miller

______ Emerald Alchemy

“I love ‘Dare to be Present.’”
– Lotus Lindley

“Thank you so much de Vie…. Really love the I AM/YOU ARE statements… you inspire me…”
Joe Barnett

“I owe debt to de Vie for helping me to know the difference between mysticism and rational thought and to stop fearing destruction of my mind.”
– Marriah Star

“I love the certainty in your voice and get how its effect could be very powerful.”
– Jennifer Ironstone

“I loved the affirmations for different aspects of life. They really reached deep. Thank you so much. You really do have a generous presence and your gifts from human heart to heart are so nourishing and healing.”
– Sophie Ward  

“Your questions make me always go into deep thinking and meditation! Thank you!”
– Walber Pinto

“Loved it 🙂 ”
– Krisztina Racz

“Thank you for your bright light you shine, and your empowering messages.”
– Toi Pua Laa Fleursacre

“My sweet sister you will probably never know the extent to which you have touched my life… I am astounded by your courage and fearless nature. You blow my mind!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo”
– Libby Weintraub

 -“The Inner Music of Yoga” 

“I love this… a beautiful invitation into the music of consciousness within our amazing bodies. Thank you for your devotion to Truth and Beauty!”
– Heidi Wilson

“yes! the ever present sound is what we ride upon and within
the music of the spheres is what shapes and forms us into being
a gift to read and intone with the truth…thank you”
– Gavin Hugh Troy

“Lyrical, beautifully expressed!”
– Sunyata Satchitananda

______ Music    

“i cried when i first heard her voice… healing tears~ hope more folks get to hear her sweet voice on the airwaves someday!”
– Shakti Parvati

“Hi de Vie: I heard the chant, which is lovely. . . . And ‘I Belong to The One’ is a beautiful song.”
Kay Kaufman Shelemay

Jai Uttal

“Really beautiful, super strong song killer vocal. Nice one! . . . Really beautiful as always. Keep them coming and make sure you compile all you songs, ya never know! . . . Cool, very expressive, really coming into your own, good luck!”
–  Scooter Weintraub

“Can’t wait to cry to your music again.”
– Jodi Gross

“On a drizzly day in Paris, I listened to your songs. I am impressed by the combination of piano and voice in your own very special mode of lieder. You have persevered. Bravo! . . . I enjoyed (again) your fine songs. Your words and music are very special. They defy the usual categorizations. Keep creating! I look forward to hearing more ‘Chansons de Vie.’”
Stuart Cary Welch

“Nice song, fine singing.”
– Dan Buckley

“Thanks again for sharing your wonderful music with us! Very special!”
– Michael Krohnen

“Hey fantastic stuff de Vie, I totally dig the CD, especially ‘Make it Burn;’ it’s very lilting and unnervingly cool; some aspects of your tunes remind me of some of the instrumental stuff from the movie The Piano. . . . And your music was FABU in person!”
– Dominic Bonuccelli

“What a fine musician you are! I was stunned. We all have ‘our story’ but what a story you have!”
– Marianne Kaestle

“Seriously brought tears to my eyes, … so beautiful. Your song made my whole day complete.”
– Wild Spirit

“I had a great time listening to you talk and sing. You blew me away with those two a cappella songs you sang!”
– Christopher Roman

“You have the voice of an angel. What a privilege it was to hear you sing. Beauteous! I loved it.”
– Melodee Stumpf

“Diggin’ it.”
– Husani K. Barnwell

“I really enjoyed your music at Shot in the Dark Cafe last week.”
– Vytas Sakalas

“It was very moving. And a powerful thing to lay in front of the piano listening and meditating.”
– Carol Bradsen

“You have such an amazing voice n very deep, real lyrics that really stir the emotions. . . . Very exquisite. I mean truly. I feel it’s awesome that you are so committed to your music. I so enjoy listening to your voice. So soothing n heavenly. And crystal clear. It is no small feat to be committed to one’s passion as you are. It shows in your music. Very beautiful and heart touching, de Vie. Thanx.”
– Scott Jackson

“Lovely. . . . It’s a very moving song.”
Regan Patno

“de Vie has one of the most original voices I have heard. Incredible lyrics… moving, hauntingly beautiful. Both the voice and the words make the listener feel the emotion invoked in the music. Very creative music and de Vie is very gifted to be able to write her own music, own lyrics and both play and sing as well! I think that anyone listening can relate to the lyrics on these songs because they are very sensitive and have great depth to them.”
– Sally Thayer

“Love your voice in this song… haunting, beautiful and lots of range. . . . Very powerful and clean.”

– Nico Ratoff

“‘You Look Away’ is so beautiful! Lovely!!!”
– Mark Sklawer

“So enjoyed your healing music the other night. Sent me into an altered space… Truly amazing gift that you have.”
– Denise Miller

“I like the ease with which you sing, which reminds me of when you accompanied yourself with the mbira. . . . Just listened to ‘You Look Away.’ I found it incredibly beautiful… the lyrics, the sound, everything. Your voice really is amazing in this one. So resonant and alive.”

– Anya Luz Lobos

“de Vie, it was wonderful to hear and watch you play the Ronstadt piano.”

– Ray Armstrong

“love the song ‘The World is Sleeping’ – i love dark vibe songz!”
Jeff Caldwell

“Captivating, organic, beautiful. I could go on and on.”
– Michael McWilliams

“Thanks for the song, I enjoyed it supremely…”
– Michael Sitzer

“Beautiful – thanks! I love your work.”
Richard Epstein

“I love the shape of your voice and your musical creativity.”
– Tesa Mayorga

“Gorgeous AND intense. Very cool.”
– Mario Lizarraga Cordova

“Splendid music – enchanting singing today at the open market.…”
– Mark 

“I was blown away by how beautiful de Vie’s music and song structures are…… damn, I didn’t know she was THAT talented 🙂 ”
– Danielle Cunitz

“I cherish your healing singing voice. You are a gem.”
– Pete Deane

“We heard you last night and you sounded GREAT!!”
– Michelle Mistelske

“This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Heart. Your music is gorgeous. Love and appreciation to you de Vie, your music and blessings swim their way through the air and ether.”
– Natalie Brewster Nguyen

“I REALLY like ‘It Finally Happened.’ Beautiful voice, very beautiful song, natural & earthy sound.”
– Lori Carroll

“STUNNING!!!!!! I’M SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!! . . . This is so great. Great to see you putting your music out there. . . . ‘Deeper In’ is so so gorgeous!!!!!!!!! What a Gem of a song, your voice brings tears; your words are truth!!!!! Xxxxxxx”
– Libby Weintraub

“So great your music of love for the creation and the creator of all things.”
– Lance Harrington

“I love love love the CD ;))) You are so TALENTED! And yes your voice is strong! I love it that the music and words come from your heart!”
– Heidi Kapioleilanionalanielua Thomas

“Very powerful… and inspirational too!”
– Brad Sconzert

“Wow, I just was able to listen to your new song – it was amazing. I felt so absorbed and moved by it. Your voice sounded great! . . . This is really poignant and moving. I cried… it is beautiful.”
Lauren Kanzler

“Absolutely lovely. Your gifts just get better and better. . . . Today de Vie stopped by and blew The AZ Hotel Artists and all of the Sixth Block away with her lovely voice and the tickling of the ivories.”
– Tig Collins

“Love it – reminds me of the first time at the Hopi and other Indian celebrations – goes to the soul.”
– Anne Marie Jakobsen

“Cool. A bit of that Nico thing going.”
– Hank Topless

“Lovely, de Vie!”
– Vicki Brown

“Thanks for the CD. I’m enjoying it a lot.”
– Susan Banes

“It gave me the feeling that I was moving through the intimate confines of different rooms. They were beige with black trim and white lace. It was exciting and unlike any experience with music that I’ve had.”
– Paula Wittner

“Gorgeous, beautiful. It was great, great, great. Keep rocking, de Vie.”
– Jorge Porrata

“Your voice is beautiful and I can’t wait to hear you perform soon.”
– Susan Frank

“I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve spent many hours painting while enjoying your music. There is such true feeling and beauty in your work. Thank you for creating!”
Ruben Urrea Moreno

“Absolutely gorgeous. Very engaging, very thoughtful! I fear I may run out of adjectives to respond to your work with. You are scary talented. Provocative lyrics! . . . Yet another wonderful song! Your music is wonderful! I love your singing. Thank you for sharing your voice with us many times. . . . Very remarkable song. Just beautiful.”
– Kristofer Kempton 

“What a beautiful composition and anthem.”
– Deborah Rubens

“LOVE the lyrics.… good job. Keep it coming!”
– Michael Serpe

“Beautiful. Baby’s first song too. I played it to my belly, down low where the head would be, and got all kinds of movement in response.”
– Chaon Cross

“Hey, ‘Spit and Rage’ is beautiful.”
– Timothy Arbon

“You have a beautiful voice and a powerful way with words. This is fantastic!”
– Reed Martic

“Quite lovely; almost haunting rhythm. Liked it a lot.”
– Margaret Weinstock

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with everyone, de Vie. I really enjoy listening to your music.”
– Kimberly Chavira

“Really great voice! You are such an inspiration!”
– Carolyn Adams

“de Vie’s CD blows my mind. What I feel about her CD is it is unusual, it is very stimulating, and it’s something I really enjoy playing and hearing. It gives me energy, and sometimes I respond verbally to this highly individual music, saying things like, ‘Do it!,’ ‘Go for it!,’ ‘Do it!’ There’s just times when I NEED to listen to this CD. And I can hardly wait for the next one.”
– Emma-Gail Lombardi

“Do you ever perform anywhere? I’d like to hear more!”
– James Everett Ward

“Absolutely beautiful.”
– Jennifer Ironstone

______ Poetry

“these words are / the clear sound / eyes closing / eye opening / inward towards truth / thank you”
– Gavin Hugh Troy

“Unbelievably beautiful and powerful. Thank you for your incredible, all-illuminating honesty. Very, very inspiring.”
Sophie Ward

“i am curious, as other readers must be: have you met your shams-i-tabriz in the flesh?”
– Alisa Clements

“Thank you very much for giving me the urls for your poetry. I have enjoyed looking at them and feeling their rhythm and heartbeat… and often their silence.”
Ellen T. Harris

“I love all of your poetry! It flows out of the unending unbeginning. What Is springing from you is a cup of rejuvenation for the entire planet.”
– Brendan Smith

“Enthralling and delicious.”
– Chad Michael

“Strong and honest – I appreciate that! I admire your many talents!! You have such a passionate and varied collection of poems; I hope you will have your own book one of these days. Your images and metaphors stimulate my thought and imagination.”
– Mary Louise Cox

“Enchanting and intoxicating.”
– Rob Thomas

“Raised the hairs on my arms. –Very intense –Bravo! ”
– Dean Gray

“Thank you de Vie! Beautiful! I love this.”
– Nilla Watkins

“You continue to make my jaw drop…. Your work has to be published!!!!!! This is by far the greatest ____ I have ever read, in this moment right now, right here… Thank you for the gift of your beautiful words, always. Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!”
– Libby Weintraub

 “Oh my goodness, she strikes again! I feel like your poetry explodes truth!”
– Mariska Kinsey LaCava

“Your poetry often knocks me over sideways with amazement.”
– Fred Mecklenburg

“Well done, de Vie. Moving. Whenever I take the time to read what you’ve written, I am rewarded. Your verse continues to be, in my reading, inspired & excellent. I continue to be very impressed with your work. You have a gift. You should work on publishing a book of verse.”
– Vern Quenton Hunter

“I love the use of your words, they are so alive with true meaning and full of life. You’re a great poet writer, I look to your poems for my inspirations, you make me come alive with your poems, you inspire me.”
– Diana Rogers

“I always enjoy your poems / they sometimes act like tarot cards for me”
– Zak Human

“I feel gratitude every time I read one of your poems.”
– Lisa Brown

“Warrior Poet. Divine Warrior Poet. Your poetry is amazing! More brilliance from – still, and always – my favorite living poet. . . . Wow. ‘Sri Ma’ brought tears to me.”
– Kristofer Kempton

“Great! Very evocative!”
– Elisabeth Black

“love your poetry. heard it on the radio, the muse poem, and it made me happy, and intrigued.  very interesting…”
– Douglas Paul Smith 

“Thank you for sharing your thought-provoking poetry!”
– Laura Berol

“de Vie! Wow! Yes…yes~! I’ve read this 10 x. Tripped up on passion, crashing into soul~! A masterpiece. Your poetry is amazing. Thank you.”
– Cosmic SoulFire

“You are a very gifted producer of inspiring words. You could put together a great book that people would really love and appreciate…”
– Jason Aberbach

“Your poetry shines forth your strength….… Your poetry is pure genius.”
– Ed Croucher

“And the poem songs? I’ve been loving the poems you send out and passing them on to folks! Your poems are such a HUGE gift.”
– Jordan Hill

“Oh my God! Wow, wow, WOW. . . . This one brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. You are writing with such amazing power! . . . Once again, a “wow” that feels more like tears and sighs. Beautiful. Very moving….”
– Anya Luz Lobos

“So at the exact moment I fired up my car this afternoon your poem ‘music is a dream burnt into the shadow of emotion’ came on KXCI. I heard it in its entirety… lasted the exact amount of time until I pulled into my destination’s parking spot. Cool synchronistic moment, as I was hoping I’d randomly catch your poem. It is so beautiful! So happy I was able to receive those wise words this afternoon. They came at just the right moment. Deep thanks!”
– Amber LaPointe Whittier

“Gorgeous poetry… beautiful…”
– BJ Galvan

“i love getting your poetry”
– Peter Whincop

 “Your poems are divine. Thank you for offering them to me and to all. You are such an exquisite poet.”
– Anahatha Lara Sackey

– Carol Croskery

“…how your words resonate xx”
– Carole MacKay

“I read your poem last night in Savasana, in my Restorative class..… thank you for bringing your heart wide open into this World! I am loving your poetry. Makes my heart sing for more of the beauty it brings. Your own peaceful revolution, through art! ”
– Jamie Carroll

“I love your fluid eloquence in your poems and very much enjoy reading them.”
– Janet Frisella

“Wow! Stunningly beautiful. Your poems convey a deep and moving feeling – I have always found them a great experience. Thank you for your work! . . . These poems are really beautiful. It amazes me that you have been such an amazing poet for all these years. . . . I love your poems – they are so moving and rich.”
– Lauren Kanzler

“Thank you for the amazing Poem for the Solstice event.”
– Rachel Allen

“I loved the ‘21 January 2009’ poem – it’s gorgeous and independent and yet spare. Thank you for sharing!”
– Meghna Majmudar

“Holy **** that is perfect. I am befuddled, in awe, it’s a whole lot of things I have felt and had not yet seen in words. Thank you for sharing these words!!!”
– Erika Rockwell

“this is breathtaking. i read it over and over again, i love your truth. and the way you have out with it.”
– Brodrik McGill

“I’ve been digging the poems you sent… My favorite is ‘Karuna’s Waterfall’… Thanks again for sending…”
– David Sleigh

“Thank you so much for your beautiful words. . . . Thank you for your beautiful and soulful poetry. I am awed by the way your words reflect something so true about my experiences and things in my heart.”
– Koali Pontual

“As always, I love your poetry, it’s really something.”
– Kimberly Gair

“I get your poems and I love them.”
– Damon Houk

“Wow de Vie. So amazing. Thank you”
– Ruben Urrea Moreno

“So gorgeous.”
– Rana Boone


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