TIME IS A MOTION DETECTOR and other in-process contemplations of Sounds & Words


The Mystery is more not less…


(Music is the ache in my soul, seeking the answer to the chasm of duality)

Music is my blood, music is my soul, music is where chaos meets control, music in the silence, the sound that never dies, music gets me high. Music is the breath of the lover, the rustle of his walk, the sing of his talk; Music is the mind expanded into every space, Music is my King & God, the throne & emperor, The Heaven & The Home. Music that contains my deepest Shadow & nonetheless Is Love, Music bending frameworks to let it flow. Music beyond any container of “song” or symphony, Music absolutely free, Music beyond separated identity. Music has me to the end… I hear it in every moment, Love’s uncompromising banter of cosmos sound marrying silence; I Will, Yes, Of Course: Yes.


some past performances:

— Live Music de Vie vox/piano moody desert songs Tuesday Dec. 20th, 2011 : de Vie original vox/piano songs ON REAL PIANO, with Heidi Wilson on saxophone; this Tuesday, early. SHOW UP EARLY at Tucson Food Truck Roundup: Holiday Bites! Dec 20. Thanks to David Aguirre for facilitating, and Tucson Food Trucks for fun factor. i think next time someone asks me “what kind of music?” i’m going to say “moody desert songs”

— Live Music, de Vie voice+mbira dzavadzimu, Swami percussion, Heidi Wilson saxophone, Wednesday Dec. 14th 2011 at Shot in the Dark Cafe, as part of Baba Marimba & Friends Community Food Bank Benefit.

— de Vie Live Music – Monday Dec. 5th – 5-7pm, 2011, Dinnerware Artspace (Food Truck Roundup).  Original piano+vox songs.

— Live music & storytelling, Tucson, Thursday September 1st, 4:30-5:45pm,
de Vie with Jordan Hill Storyteller & Scott Kerr,
at Santa Cruz River Farmers Market.


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